Spiritual Counselling

Earth works on a haphazard set of rules, other than societies behavioural rules. People are rarely encouraged to discover who they are during childhood. Therefore in adulthood a person's life often goes astray. They have difficulty getting back on track because they don't understand how they are meant to act and react.


Spiritual Counselling provides a framework of values, that are in existence in the spiritual world. The client is helped to discover where their actions and the actions of persons who have caused them difficulty, fits into their framework of values. In turn this allows the client to make a speedy recovery to resume their life with a more meaningful understanding of who and what they are.

Spiritual Counsellors are trained to have a thorough understanding of human behaviour, the reasons for that behaviour and how it fits into the framework of spiritual values. In using these values to guide that client they quickly allow the client a better understanding of themselves and those around them in their life.


Spiritual Counselling is non-secretarian but works best with those who believe in a higher power in life than man and woman.

$120 per session (1hr)